The School Anthem of St. John De Britto’s Anglo Indian High School, Fort Cochin composed and arranged to music by Rev. Fr. Perini , OSB Prior & Manager. First sung at the Annual Day Celebrations in 1950 at the Santa Cruz Hall.

Lead Chorus

Let us lift our hearts in song

As around our flag we throng

                   Dear symbol of our ideals true

                   The Gold and Double Blue.

 As long as waves do stay

On our Cochin shores to play

                   Brittonians shall be free

                   As the rolling sea.



The gold it stands

 For duty’s golden bands,

That binds us all

 Both big and small

To fealty’s call,

                            The blues entice

                            Our hearts beyond the skies,

                            Where caste or creed

                            Or hateful greed

                            We’ll never heed.                  (chorus)

Boys old and new

Tender thoughts renew

Of our happy days

Midst the desk and stool

And as life’s flame dim

Midst shadows grim,

Memories linger of our dear old school.     (chorus)

                             Fast flows the blood

                             Bursting forth in flood

                             From our Alma Mater to everyone

                             So God Bless her now

                             And help us vow

                             To do all she taught

                             And she wanted done.            (chorus)